Any swell … any tide … any wind


In the same way weather vanes point into the wind, the reef points into the swell, keeping it perfectly aligned for waves to peel along each side.


Every surf break on earth reaches its maximum potential at a certain level of tide. This floating reef moves up and down with the tide and so the gradient is always at the perfect level.


High quality waves will attract spectators, who can enjoy the calm waters on the lee side of the reef.


Being an engineered structure, shark nets can be attached to the inner and outer perimeters. The shark net is an active system powered by solar energy to emit sound, light, electric and electro-magnetic frequencies. As a result, sea creatures with the broadest range of sensory apparatus will be completely aware of the surface of the net, should they approach.


Although the net material is impenetrable, it is still understandable that surfers could imagine a hole forming and a shark potentially entering the surf zone. By adding an extra net, the issue of safety is beyond question. The two parallel nets allow for the placement of a purpose designed chop mitigating material, which floats on the surface and creates smooth waves in on-shore conditions.


Property values are known to be much higher at prime surf locations around the world. It has been estimated that a two to three-fold increase in property value could be achieved through the location of just one of these man-made reef structures.


By lighting the nets, the surface of the gradient and the dry zones, night surfing will extend the duration of hotel, retail and entertainment activities located nearby. Although it is obvious that the commercial activities immediately shoreward would gain the greatest value increase, it is also obvious that significant increases in value would still be achieved at some distance from the reef.

Field testing

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