There are 620,000 kilometres of oceanic coastline. 2.4 billion people live within 100 km of these coasts. As beautiful as any coastline might be, only tiny stretches actually have great waves. This is because only a certain, very specific alignment of wave angle and gradient can make perfect waves. Man has tried and failed to copy the key elements, and the reasons for failure are understandable. The structures needed are huge and the ocean is changing constantly.

These patented wave shaping designs use a totally new approach to utilising ocean swells. On one hand they move with and adapt to the changes that the oceans throw at us, and then they alter and transform the swells to totally enhance the shape and even the surface of the waves as they break.

Surfing is good for the mind body and soul, and with more and more wave pools finally making high quality surf, then the higher number of surfers will need many new locations to surf. These ocean based wave making structures cannot lag behind the pools or there will be even more friction in the water so the time is right to get them underway.

As many more people surf in the oceans, more will value them. So there will be an even greater need to protect some of the larger species of shark from being culled as the number of surfers increases dramatically, as will the number of attacks. The only way is to keep both groups apart. And the only economical way of achieving both outcomes is to use nets, … very special nets!

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